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Welcome to Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd

Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) Limited was established in 1967 as a subsidiary of Industrial and Commercial Development Corporation (ICDC) with a major role of promoting indigenous entrepreneurship by financing and developing small scale and micro enterprises.

KIE Limited was established to facilitate development and incubation of micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) countrywide by establishing industrial parks, providing credit and business development services (BDS) in a sustainable manner.





Most of the potential clients of KIE LTD ask questions concerning various issues pertaining to the services they expect to recieve from KIE LTD.

We have compiled some of the commonly asked questions and their answers:

1. What type of business do I need to be in to qualify for a KIE loan?

  • It should be either be a manufacturing business or a service business.
  • It should employ at least 5 people
  • It should be running for at least 2 years to qualify as a working capital loan.

2. What minimum/maximum amount of loan can one apply for?

Lending Programmes

a) Small & Medium Scale Industries

Loan sizes range from Kshs. 500,000 to 14 million, equivalent to a maximum K.I.E LTD expenditure of 70% total investment payable over a period of 3 - 8 years

b) Micro Loans

Starting in 1982, KIE LTD has established a broad-based micro loans program that addresses the growth needs to the very small informal sector entrepreneurs, locally nicknamed Jua Kali because of their precarious open air operations. Presently, the loan-size obtainable under this scheme is minimum Kshs. 100,000/= and a maximum Kshs. 500,000/=

3. Is there grace period offered on KIE loans?

A one year grace period can be offered for the Small Scale Industry loan programme.

4. What is your interest rate?

Our current interest rate is 10% on reducing balance.

5. What are other requirements for applying for a loan?

  • The applicant will be required to provide the following documents
  • Photographs and sketch-map of business location
  • Landed security to cover a minimum of 140% value of the loan requested.
  • Valuation report from a registered land valuer. This will be verified by KIE officers.
  • An original certificate of Official Search from land registry
  • Two credible guarantors
  • Current trading license
  • Current bank statements
  • Copy of PIN certificate of applicant and guarantors
  • In addition to this, the following must also be observed
  1. The business must have a track record (i.e. been operational for at least 2 years.)
  2. The business must be properly appraised by KIE LTD.
  3. The loan must be utilized in financing an industrial enterprise as per KIE LTD policy .
  4. The loan must be for working capital or for purchase of machinery and equipment in which case a quotation should be provided

6. What type of security will I need to cover the loan?

All loans will attract sufficient collateral security whose value is at least 140% of loan amounts

7. What expenses will I incur during the loan application process?

  1. Application fee of 1,000
  2. Legal fee of 2% of loan size