Entrepreneurial training is a critical part of the financial infrastructure of any country and therefore by Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd partnering with Crown Paints Ltd, immense benefits are envisaged. These include but not limited to:

  • Facilitate training for painters and automotive painters jointly for purpose of addressing knowledge gaps which may hinder quality assurance in production chain and market access.
  • Writing of project proposals.
  • Undertaking research and consultancy services.
  • Undertake join training on emerging products.
  • Capacity building of entrepreneurs among trainees.
  • Mobilize financial and credit support for trained painters and other entrepreneurs.
  • Provide market information linkages to enterprises.

It is therefore important for entrepreneurs to be armed with basic skills as they venture in to new business. The ultimate objective of the partnership shall be to offer entrepreneur training to painters and automotive painters.


crown mou signed

Crown Paints Ltd CEO Rakesh Rao with Kenya Industrial Estates Managing Director Mr Julius Mokogi after
signing an MOU to provide Financial Business Development Support to local painters.