The Editor,                                                                                        13th September 2013


Kenya Vision 2030 recognizes the central role played by the manufacturing sector in the realization of the goal of making Kenya a newly industrialized middle-income country by the year 2030. To attain this goal, the development, support and promotion of Micro, Small and Medium Industries (MSMIs) is key to Kenya Industrial Estates because of the following reasons:-

 ^   MSMIs in Kenya are naturally more labor intensive and central to job creation and contribute to a more equitable distribution of income;

 ^   They play the role of invisible training grounds that impart tacit knowledge through ‘On the Job Training Units’ for various kinds of labor force for the entire economy;

 ^   MSMIs enable better use of existing local capacity, thereby establishing the basis for sustained long-run growth, and the opportunity to expand that capacity in the future;

 ^  MSMIs expand economic space and develop capacities in various industrial sectors whose combined impact will have profound implications for long-term economic transformation.

 It is against this background that the Company has developed a five year plan (2013-2018) to compliment the institutions’ mandate towards the industrialization of the Kenyan 47 counties, being driven by the following objectives:-

 ^   To identify resources available in the counties;

 ^   To assess the extent to which the resources in the counties have been exploited for value addition;

 ^   To come up with ways and means of closing the ‘gaps’ identified at macro level;

 ^   To come up with plans on how Kenya Industrial Estates can participate in industrial development of the counties.  

Today Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd has launched 10 industrial incubators in Kapsabet town, Nandi County that shall offer industrial workspace to entrepreneurs in the county. This workspace will be used to foster the agro-processing (tea, milk, flour milling, and vegetables), animal feeds, soap manufacturing, roofing/floor tiles, brick making, furniture manufacturing among others.

Kenya Industrial Estates Ltd has positioned itself to play a key role in the realization of the Vision 2030 and county industrialization using its experience of over 40 years in nurturing SMEs/SMMIs in trade and manufacturing. The Company’s achieves its mandate through provision of industrial work space/incubators, credit facilities, Business Development Services (BDS) and facilitation of linkages that enhance SME graduation into large scale enterprises.