KIE LTD has supported the growth and development of various Micro, Small and Medium Industries countrywide through the:

  1. Development of 32 industrial estates with over 500 sheds. Through privatization, Kenyan entrepreneurs have been enabled to own industrial sheds in prime locations countrywide.
  2. Creation of wealth worth over Kshs. 16 billion of through the lending programme, which addresses regional imbalances. Over 80% of assisted projects are in the rural areas; while 30% of loans disbursed support women-owned enterprises.
  3. Creation and sustenance of over 500,000 jobs;
  4. Value addition of Kshs. 12 billion to primary goods mainly agricultural produce;
  5. Taxes amounting to Kshs. 4 billion paid to the exchequer;
  6. Provision of Business Development Services to over 200,000 entrepreneurs;
  7. Facilitation of subcontracting and exchange linkages between micro small and medium and small and medium to large enterprises;
  8. Financing over 30,000 entrepreneurs since 1967
  9. Investment of over Kshs. 6 billion in the MSMI sector countrywide