Providing Business Advisory Services

The Business Advisory Services Department is responsible for the delivery of non-financial services to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). These services include the following: 

1 Entrepreneurship  Training of SMEs Training on 

  • Business Management, Leadership, Financial, Marketing and Human Resource Development
2 Information on Market Access Done through 

  • Market research, Trade fairs, Product exhibitions, Advertising and Trade tours
3 Provision of Infrastructure to SMEs Development of:

  • Business incubators
  • Business Development Centres that offer internet, computer and secretarial services
4 Development of Policy and Advocacy We perform:

  • Training in policy advocacy
  • Analysis of policy constraints and opportunities 
  • Sponsorship of conferences
5 Sub-contracting and Linkages
  • Linking MSMEs to input

Suppliers for bulk buying

  • Improving suppliers’ capacity to deliver quality inputs
  • Providing information to both Suppliers and Buyers
  • Linking MSMEs and technology suppliers
6 Technical assistance Mentoring

Feasibility studies

Business plans


Management training

7 Technology and

Product development

Technology transfer /


Linking MSMEs and technology suppliers

8 Alternative

financing mechanisms

Factoring companies providing

capital for confirmed orders

Equity financing


Other Services That We Offer.