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Most of the potential clients of KIE LTD ask questions concerning various issues pertaining to the services they expect to receive from KIE LTD.
Please call our office at +254 (0)65 651 355 or email us with your question at

1. What does KIE do?

Kenya Industrial Estates (KIE) was established by the government of Kenya in 1967 with a mandate to promote Small and Medium Industries.
Kenya Industrial Estates Limited in delivery of its mandate contributes to this agenda through Development of Industrial Parks & Provision of Incubation services; Provision of affordable Financial services and Business Advisory Services.

2. What Products and Services does KIE provide to SMEs?

Provision of Industrial Workspace 

KIE provides serviced workspace through construction of industrial estates/incubators with  access to financial support for machinery, equipment and working capital, shared utility  services, management and technical assistance including skills upgrading, marketing,  accounting, secretarial services and internet and networking. 

The industrial workspace is classified as follows: 

  1. Industrial Sheds 
  2. Industrial Parks


KIE provides affordable medium to long-term finance to SMEs for the purchase of machinery,  equipment and working capital, either for expansion, modernization or rehabilitation focusing  on priority sectors identified in Big Four agenda and Vision 2030.  

Providing Business Advisory Services (BAS)  

To ensure growth and success of its incubates, KIE provides entrepreneur capacity building  trainings: 

  1. Consultancy in business restructuring,
  2. Sector studies,  

iii. Surveys,  

  1. Feasibility studies,  
  2. Environmental Impact Assessments,  
  3. Specialized Trainings,  

vii. Investment Forums  

viii. National SME Expo 

  1. Information Services & Marketing Assistance Programs 

Facilitating Sub-Contracting and Exchange/Linkages 

To reduce cost of production to Large Scale Industries while capitalizing on quality from  specialized Micro, Small and Medium Industries, the company facilitates Inter-firm linkages.  They are of several forms: 

  1. Backward linkages (subcontracting) 
  2. Forward linkages (supply and marketing)

iii. Horizontal linkages (joint venture) 

3. What type of business do I need to be in to qualify for a KIE loan?

It should be either be a manufacturing/Value addition business. We consider certain services  that are complement and aid manufacturing e.g. IT businesses  

It should be running for at least 2 years to qualify as a working capital loan. 

4. What minimum/maximum amount of loan can one apply for?

Lending Programmes 

  1. a) Small & Medium Scale Industries 

Loan sizes range from Kshs. 500,000 to 20 million payable over a period of up to 8 years. b) Micro Loans 

KIE has a broad-based micro loans program that addresses the growth needs to the very  small informal sector entrepreneurs. Presently, the loan-size obtainable under this scheme  is minimum Kshs. 50,000/= and a maximum Kshs. 500,000/=payable for a period up to 4  years.  

  1. c) Group Loans

 These are loans that target registered women groups, youths and people with disabilities.  These loans do not require collateral as members’ cross guarantee each other. The amount  given is between Ksh. 50,000 and Ksh. 500, 000 on a graduation basis.

5. Is there grace period offered on KIE loans?

  • A grace period between three months and one year can be offered especially in purchase of  machinery.  

6. What is your interest rate?

Our current interest rate is 10% per annum on reducing balance basis. 

7. What are other requirements for applying for a loan?

  1. Loan Requirements List- Individuals, Business names and Limited Companies 

    Copy of business registration certificate for sole proprietorships and partnerships. A  must for all amounts above Kshs 500,000. 

    Copy of partnership deed (Where applicable) 

    Copy of Certificate of incorporation for limited liability companies. 

    Copy of Memorandum and Articles of Association and latest CR12 for limited liability  companies. 

    Resolution to borrow (for limited companies). 

    Copies of IDs for the borrower and guarantors. 

    4 recent coloured passport size photos for borrowers and guarantors 

    Clear business photos showing business operations, front of the business and current  stock level (to be taken by a KIE official).

    Clear photos of securities capturing all major activities on the property including clear  photos of any developments (to be taken by a KIE official). 

    Sketch maps to the business location. 

    Sketch map of residence/ security location. 

    Latest 6 months certified bank statements. 

    Current and certified copies of running loan account statements & letters of offer with  other financial Institutions. 

    Copies of sales records and receipts for the last 6 months (where applicable). Copy of valid local council license/business permit. 

    Copy of Personal /company KRA PIN certificate for the borrower and the guarantors. Copy of company tax compliance PIN certificate (Where applicable) 

    Pro – forma invoices with PIN and VAT Numbers for all fixed capital borrowings. Should  be on the supplying company’s letter head. 

    Copies of Utility bills payment (Where applicable) 

    Latest 3 years’ copies of audited books of accounts for all amounts above Ksh 500,000  for individual borrowers, sole proprietorships and partnerships. A must for limited  companies for all loan amounts. These must have been prepared by an ICPAK certified  auditor. 

    Copies of relevant certifications (KEBS, NEMA, OSHA etc.-Where applicable)

8. What type of security will I need to cover the loan?

  1. All loans will attract sufficient collateral security whose value is at least 140% of loan amounts Title Deed 

    Motor Vehicle not older than 7 years.  

9. Where are KIE branch Offices?

  1. KIE ‘s main offices are in Lusingeti/Likoni Road Junction. It has offices in 37 branches spread  countrywide. Visit to see all our branches.  

For any other queries, call 0739332052, email us at info[@] , message us on our  social media platforms or visit